Reducing energy use makes perfect business sense; it saves money, enhances corporate reputation and help everyone in the fight against climate change.

Heating can account for as much as 60% of total energy use, yet a large proportion of the energy consumed by heating is likely to be wasted due to incorrect control settings. In fact it is possible to cut heating costs by up to 30% by implementing
some simple energy saving measures.

Heating controls in business premises work on the same principle as those in the home, but usually on a much bigger scale. However, larger buildings are often more difficult to control because:

The cost benefits of controls should not be underestimated.

Poor control of heating and hot water services is the cause of excessive energy consumption in many commercial buildings.  In premises with well-controlled systems, heating fuel consumption is typically 15-30% lower as specified by the Carbon Trust.

The chart below shows the typical proportion of energy use that heating accounts for in certain sectors:

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