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At Independent Heating & Cooling (IHC), we recognise that, as with many businesses, our activities can have a short- or long-term environmental impact on the world around us. To combat this, we aim to work with our staff and customers to adopt cleaner heating and cooling solutions that provide the best outcome whilst having the smallest possible impact on the environment.
You can find out more about how we are taking action below.

What we are doing

We are committed to looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment; reducing our environmental impact is a vital part of our decision-making process. Our experienced team can offer expert advice on a wide range of heating and cooling solutions, surpassing just the traditional ones. All Independent Heating & Cooling’s work is carried out in accordance with all relevant Government Acts, Regulations and Company procedures. More and more we try and encourage our customers to consider more environmentally friendly renewable heating and cooling solutions. But, when a renewable option isn’t right for the job, we will still do our best to make sure the environmental impact is minimised by ensuring our systems are running as efficiently as possible to reduce any unnecessary waste. As well as getting more for your money, an efficient heating and cooling system is a greener solution.

More than just the job

We understand that caring about the environment goes past the work we do for our customers, it’s a key part of our daily operations at Independent Heating & Cooling. Just one example is our fleet of vans; by operating fuel efficient vans we remain committed to reducing exhaust pollutants. We also aim to conserve the use of energy, water and paper, and promote the use of recycled materials in our offices and workshop. Our team understands the importance of thinking green, these small steps in each area of our business can make a big difference.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our daily practices, if you have any questions or suggestions about our environmental credentials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing 

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