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As businesses look to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their costs, energy management has become a priority. Energy consumption can be a significant expense for businesses, and energy waste can be costly. Saving energy is critical for businesses. Not only can it help them reduce their environmental impact, it has a direct effect on lowering operating costs. Without proper monitoring, energy waste can occur, resulting in unnecessary expenses and increased carbon emissions. According to a report by Carbon Trust, UK businesses can waste at least £1.6bn every year on easily avoidable energy wastage. Remote Energy Management Systems, such as IHC’s own COVERT, exist to help prevent this waste and save your business money. The COVERT system is a technological innovation that allows businesses to monitor and control their HVAC systems remotely. The system uses IoT technology and cloud computing to provide real-time data on energy consumption and system performance. This information provides businesses with detailed insights into how their HVAC systems are performing, including real-time data on temperature, humidity, and energy consumption. This information enables stakeholders to identify areas where energy waste is occurring and take corrective action to reduce unnecessary consumption, reducing downtime and minimizing costs. The COVERT system also provides businesses with the ability to monitor their HVAC systems remotely. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or those that are geographically dispersed. By being able to monitor multiple HVAC systems remotely, businesses can easily roll out energy saving changes over a wide area with minimal disruption to their operations.

Overall, the COVERT system is a powerful tool that can help any business reduce their carbon footprint and simultaneously save money. To learn more about COVERT and how it can benefit your business, download our brochure here or contact IHC for further information. Don’t let energy waste eat into your profits – take control with COVERT.


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