IHC introduces new air purifying device capable of neutralising multiple indoor pollutants

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We have introduced a new air purifying device to our portfolio of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions designed to significantly improve indoor air quality by neutralising six key indoor pollutants, and inhibit 99.8% of SARS-CoV-2.

The Plasma Quad Connect, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, is a powerful and cost-effective bolt-on air purifying device that is compatible with both new and existing installations of M Series, Mr Slim and City Multi indoor air conditioning units. With the opening up of COVID restrictions later this month more workers are expected to return to their workplaces, which means more people indoors in closer proximity. With the Plasma Quad Connect building owners can be offered complete peace of mind and reassurance for the health and safety of their staff with its ability to eliminate six indoor pollutants: viruses, bacteria, allergens, mould, dust and microscopic particles PM2.5.

How does it work?

Plasma Quad Technology works like an electrical curtain to catch and neutralise particles in the air – even microscopic ones. First it produces plasma to inhibit viruses and bacteria, breakdown allergens and mould, and electrically charge dust and microscopic particles PM2.5. Then it creates a strong electrical field to absorb dust and microscopic PM2.5 – cleverly turning dirty air into clean air.

There are three options for installing the Plasma Quad Connect:

At Independent Heating & Cooling, we can work with you to decide which method of installation would work best for your premises. Norma Biggs, a Director of IHC said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer this new air purifying device from Mitsubishi Electric. Improving the quality of the air we breathe has never been more important and the Plasma Quad Connect does just that.”

For more information, call our expert team on 01323 449000 or email us at sales@ihc-uk.com 

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