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A large engineering firm in Eastbourne, East Sussex were struggling along with their 45 year old two boiler setup. They turned to IHC for help to come up with the best solution possible, here is the result.

Client: A large engineering facility in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Problem: Ageing, unreliable & inefficient heating system.

Their existing boiler set-up consisted of 2 x Allen Ygnis boilers and 26 fan coils in a factory area, all fed from the boilers along with the radiators in all of the office areas. The boilers were approximately 45 years old and becoming unreliable and were costly to maintain for the client.

Brief: Specify and install replacement energy efficient heating with smart zone controls, with limited disruption to factory output.

Solution: Self modulating, energy saving heating system with built in redundancy and state of the art controls.

It was decided to replace the existing boilers with an array of 5 Ideal Evomax 150 boilers and a plate heat exchanger, to separate the primary and secondary water circuit allowing us to re-use the existing pipework to all the fan coils. This meant we could carry out the installation with minimal disruption to the working environment. The plate heat exchanger will also improve the longevity of the system because it guarantees non contamination for cleanliness of the primary circuit.

This set-up would also provide our client with peace of mind that redundancy is built in (should a boiler fail for any reason, the system can cope with the supply load to heat all areas). In addition, the Ideal Evomax 150 boilers are self-modulating to automatically increase or reduce output, responding to demand from both the offices and the warehouse.

All 26 fan coils were replaced (due to their age) with new Powrmatic fan coils, which are more effective at heating up the space than the old ones.

With operation governed by new state of the art, tamperproof, controls (an IHC system specifically designed for Commercial/Industrial use ) ‘The Covert’ allows the whole building to be split up into several zones (in this case there are eight). Each of these zones can be controlled individually and remotely, providing further energy efficiency and cost savings.

Result: Reliability restored with added benefits = Very Happy Customer.

The fully controllable, self-modulating heating system has proven extremely valuable and advantageous to our client, whose operation relies on variable working shift patterns. The Covert allows them to alter operation times accordingly which is particularly effective for some areas in the factory that are not used very often. It also allows the company to be more energy efficient while reducing their carbon footprint. For more information about The Covert please visit our ‘controls’ page on the website.

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