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We believe in preventative maintenance and offer a complete service package to keep your equipment fully maintained and in optimum condition. Servicing of air conditioning units is extremely important to maintain efficiencies of the units, and ensure their longevity. Most manufacturers offer 5 years warranty subject to regular maintenance, which we pass directly on to yourselves when we install a new system.

The running costs of air conditioning are often hidden in your electricity bill, when in good condition the co-efficient of power, on new units, is approximately 5 (i.e. 1kw in – 5kw out), however when the coils get dirty and filters need cleaning this is reduced significantly, sometimes by up to 30% resulting in increased energy costs. Having your air conditioning regularly maintained also prevents the units from smelling as they can pick up odours from the environment they are situated in.

Servicing Filters

Air conditioning systems work by taking in the air from the room they are situated in through an intake grille and a filter, the air then passes over a coil that either heats or cools the air using refrigerant and then re-enters the room at the new temperature through an extract grille. The air is filtered as it comes into the unit to protect the coil, although some particles still pass through the filter. Over time these filters and coil get dirty and have a bacterial build up from the particles in the air, this means the unit has to work harder to pull air through a dirty filter. Here is an example of filters before and after they have been serviced.

We offer a service agreement that not only guarantees you a rapid response call out in the event of a breakdown but also allow for a price freeze on the maintenance of the appliances for the duration of the agreement.

Our fully qualified FGAS service engineers carry out the following during a service;

We regularly look after appliances from single split systems to VRF full heat recovery systems as well as air handling units.

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