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Warm air heating is possibly the most common type of factory heating in this country provided by either floor standing cabinet or suspended unit heaters. Warm air heating systems use a fan to draw air in from the space being heated, pass it across a heat exchanger, and distribute the warmed air evenly throughout the space.

Warm air heating offers considerable flexibility in terms of its location, ensuring the layout of the heating system is optimised for the configuration of the space being heated.

Warm air systems must be regularly serviced to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Warm Air Heating Solutions


Floor Standing Cabinets

Positioned on the floor with larger outputs than their unit heater counterparts, these are quick and effective way of heating a factory.

Suspended Unit Heaters

Suspended from the factory roof or on wall mounted brackets, maximising the available floor space for production.

Low Temperature Hot Water Heaters

Water based fan coil units can be heated from Biomass, Gas or Oil fired boilers.

Destratification Fans

Destratification systems utilise the fact that warm air rises. In large or tall warehouses and commercial spaces, this means that the warmest place is usually just below the roof or ceiling, where the benefit is lost to those below. Thus, destratification fans (modern roof mounted warm air heaters now incorporate a destratification function) ‘blow’ that warm air down to ground level to produce more efficient heating.

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