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We have a dedicated service and maintenance division at Independent Heating and Cooling (IHC), it is our aim to keep your systems fully maintained and in optimum condition to help avoid breakdowns at those crucial times where your heating systems are critical. All of our engineers hold commercial Gas Safe and OFTEC qualifications, which under current legislation is strictly necessary to be able to carry out any works on gas or oil fired appliances.

We regularly maintain and service gas, LPG, and oil fired warm air heaters, boilers, radiant tubes and biomass boilers.

When carrying out a service, our fully qualified and experienced engineers will complete the following:

  • Inspecting system for correct operation.
  • Checking moving parts for wear and tear.
  • Inspecting insulation for burn/damage.
  • Removing burner and thoroughly cleaning.
  • Inspecting heat exchanger for cracks and damage.
  • Cleaning out all internal flue ways.
  • Recommissioning burner/reset pressures.

Oil Fired Appliances

Having an oil fired boiler serviced regularly can keep it operating at its most efficient. This reduces fuel bills and saves money on call-out fees for unexpected breakdowns. OFTEC recommend that oil fired appliances and equipment are serviced at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. There are many reasons why the efficiency of an oi fired boiler could be reduced. Here are a few: Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel deposits can cause soot to form within the boiler/heater heat exchanger, restricting the amount of heat that can be transferred into the heating system. The cleaner the heat exchanger, the more efficient the boiler/heater will be. Oil nozzles regulate how much oil passes through the burner. The nozzles are consumable items that war over time affecting combustion and lowering boiler efficiency. If they are not replaced, they could cause “sooting up” of the heat exchanger due to too much fuel passing through the burner. Photocells can glaze over with deposits. Photocells are an important safety feature which detect whether the boiler has lit. If a photocell is dirty it may not be able to detect the burner flame correctly and could cause the boiler to shut down randomly. Boilers frequently switching on and off will be less efficient than those running for longer periods. Electrodes an wear and attract soot and deposits. Electrodes produce a spark to light the fuel, if they are worn or in pior condition the boiler may not light. Again, causing inconvenience, inefficiency and increasing fuel costs. As with any fossil fuel burning appliance, poor or inadequate servicing can cause the generation of carbon monoxide. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that your oil fired appliance is checked and serviced at least annually. Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic poisonous gas. It is odourless, colourless and tasteless and therefore difficult to detect. Some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are: For safety, peace of mind, to minimise fuel costs and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, OFTEC would recommend that oil users contract the services of an OFTEC registered technician to service their oil installations at least annually. As an OFTEC registered company we are fully qualified and insured to work in your premises and can also advise on energy efficiency. British Standard 5410 parts 1 and 2 Codes of Practice, states that combustion appliances must be regularly maintained and serviced regularly, subject to manufacturers’ instructions (which is normally once a year)

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