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At IHC (Independent Heating & Cooling) we specialise in the installation of natural gas, LGP, Oil and Biomass boilers utilising our fully qualified and competent employees. We will survey your premises free of charge to establish the best solution for your particular premises, working with all leading manufacturers we are able to offer the best product for you.

Commercial heating systems are inherently more complicated than domestic systems with a wider range of temperatures and heat emitters. The selection of condensing or non-condensing boilers has been determined by application and physical constraints, however, the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive sets new efficiency levels for products.

ErP is seen as the driving force for boiler efficiency improvements. But what the directive fails to recognise is that condensing boilers only achieve these efficiencies if installed, set up and controlled in the most effective way.

Condensing boilers will meet projected efficiencies but only when they operate with a system return temperature between

30 deg C and 40 deg C for 80% of the annual operating hours. With a return temperature of 55 deg C and above, condensing boilers will not produce condensate and will have similar efficiencies to non-condensing high efficiency boilers at significantly higher costs, it is therefore necessary to ensure the system is installed correctly to be sure you are getting the proposed energy efficiency savings.

To meet the current guidelines you may have to take additional action to ensure your system falls within the permitted seasonal recommendations, these might include zone control, demand control and/or time controls, which will all contribute towards ensuring you have the most efficient heating system available and that you comply with the current directive.

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