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Radiant heating can best be described by considering how the Sun heats the Earth.

A radiant heater heats people and objects within its vicinity rather than the air surrounding them, it provides rapid heat up times, can be easily zone controlled and is particulary efficient in reducing running costs. It is therefore an ideal form of heating for garage workshops, distribution centres, sports halls, aircraft hangers, rail sheds to name a few, or to heat an area where there is much ventilation (eg doors open frequently).

The Sun’s heat energy radiates through space eventually hitting the Earth and warming its surface. It is this warmed surface that then heats up and raises the air temperature. Radiant heating works in exactly the same way.

A radiant heater does not waste energy heating the atmosphere as a warm air heater would do.

Radiant heating can come in various forms from single linear tubes, Herringbone configurations with a single exhaust manifold or Nor-Ray-Vac continuous tube system.

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